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Together, we power the future of health.

Our Purpose

Baylor College of Medicine is dedicated to improving health through science, scholarship and innovation – and it starts with the generosity of people like you.

Through philanthropic support, we unlock answers to disease, accelerate medical breakthroughs, expand global access and educate future healthcare leaders.


Donors enable physicians across Baylor to offer the latest treatments and techniques in medicine, like Dr. Kenneth Liao’s work in robotic cardiac surgery, which helps patients recover sooner and with less pain.

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Donor support helped researchers uncover the unlikely link between the gut microbiome and symptoms associated with complex neurological conditions, one of many scientific advances made at Baylor each year.

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Donors have generously contributed to more than 200 scholarship endowments, bringing the gift of a Baylor College of Medicine education to generations of future healthcare providers and researchers.

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Civic-minded donors help Baylor provide outreach through programs like the Teen Health Clinic, which offers medical and mental health services at no cost to youth and young adults in underserved neighborhoods.

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Fuel lifesaving medical progress, all year round

Every successful treatment, therapy and cure begins with
a breakthrough. But to get there, our researchers require
steady, consistent sources of funding. Your monthly support
can bring us that much closer to the next medical milestone.

Because of You

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Eugenia, Alicia, and Douglas Elliott
Why I Give

The true value of wealth is measured by how many lives it can reach. Our father, Dr. Donald Elliott (M.D. ‘61), espoused this ideal and would be honored to know that he will be remembered as supporting the advancement of medicine and research through the vision of Baylor M.D./Ph.D. candidates.”

Eugenia, Alicia, and Douglas Elliott, Donors
Ways to Give

Join us as we look beyond conventional medicine into what’s next in human health.