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Our Work

Our work starts with you. Donors enable Baylor College of Medicine to achieve our vision of improving health through science, scholarship and innovation. For more than a century, Baylor has benefited from a generous community of donors, driving our success in biomedical education, medical discovery and patient care to build a healthier world for us all.

Our work starts and continues because of you. Thank you for your support.


Donor support, along with a wealth of Baylor College of Medicine expertise, translates to innovative patient care that saves lives.

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Donors provide critical seed funding for innovative researchers to move science forward. For example, donor support for research helped Baylor College of Medicine uncover the unlikely link between the gut microbiome and symptoms associated with complex neurological conditions similar to autism spectrum disorder.

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Generous support from donors like you allows Baylor College of Medicine to train the next generation of leaders in the biomedical and health sciences fields.

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Your support helps Baylor College of Medicine lead in Houston and beyond, providing essential services to underrepresented and underserved populations through some of our local and national initiatives.

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We’re powering a new era in healthcare.

Each day we’re training tomorrow’s healthcare leaders and scientists, providing the best patient care, leading innovative research and supporting our local and global community. Your support has the power to change lives.