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Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions, organized by topic. If you don’t find your answer below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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About Us

What is the mission of Baylor College of Medicine?
Why should I give to Baylor College of Medicine?
Is Baylor College of Medicine a non-profit institution? What is your tax ID number?
How can I obtain the Baylor College of Medicine’s W-9 form?
Where can I find Baylor College of Medicine’s financial information?
How do I contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs?
How do I contact Dr. Paul Klotman?

Communication Preferences

Can I opt-out of communications from Advancement and Alumni Affairs?
Can I update my contact information?

My Gift

Who can I contact with questions about my recent gift?
I have sent a donation by check, but it has not been processed yet. When will it be processed?
Can I get a receipt for my recent donation?
How do I change or manage details about my recurring gift?
I forgot I was giving monthly. Can I get my past donations refunded?

Ways to Give

Can I donate to a specific area, program or professor?
What payment methods does Baylor College of Medicine accept?
How can I donate using my credit card?
How can I donate with a check or cash?
How do I give monthly?
How do I give via wire transfer?
How do I make a gift of securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds)?
How do I set up a planned gift?
How do I complete an IRA Charitable Rollover?
How do I initiate a matching gift from my employer?
I recently received a letter about a matching gift happening for a set amount of time. Is this match still happening?
How do I donate cryptocurrencies?
How do I make a non-monetary donation?
How do I make a donation in honor or in memory of someone?

Donor-Advised Funds

Do you accept gifts through Donor-Advised Funds?
How does a Donor-Advised Fund work?
How do I set up a Donor-Advised Fund?
Is there a tax deduction for funds donated from my Donor-Advised Fund?


How do I establish an endowment?
How do I find out more about endowment funds and how they provide support?
What is the difference between an endowment’s corpus and market values?
Can I fund an endowment over time?
Can I create an endowment fund with a gift through my estate plan?
Will I need to work with an attorney to create an endowment agreement?
How can I find out about my endowment after I have made my gift?
Will I be able to contact my student scholarship recipient?

The Partnership

What makes someone part of The Partnership?
What gifts count toward being part of The Partnership?
Do I have to track my gifts?
Am I in The Partnership now?
What if I miss a year?
Who can I contact with questions?

Fundraising Pages and Events

How do I hold a special event to benefit Baylor College of Medicine? 
How can I create my own fundraising page for Baylor College of Medicine?