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Donor support improves the health of communities across the world.

Providing essential services in Houston and beyond

Your support helps Baylor College of Medicine lead in Houston and beyond, providing essential services to underrepresented and underserved populations through some of our local and national initiatives – from the Teen Health Clinic in Houston – which serves teens and young adults ages 13 to 24 – to programs that promote interest in science and medicine that span K-12.

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Baylor Global Health

Your generosity also helps Baylor impact the world through Baylor Global Health by extending life-changing breakthroughs in medicine into 59 countries and fostering partnerships that facilitate better health outcomes for people from Honduras to Botswana, from Romania to China.

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No. 1

Baylor ranks No. 1 in Texas for global health research, according to the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines 2020 U.S. University Report Card: Global Equity in Biomedical Research.


Baylor College of Medicine has a presence in 59 countries, ranging from Argentina to Ethiopia.


The Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatrics AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital provides care to more than 350,000 children, women, and families in more than 12 countries.

Project Ascend Provides Teens with Job Training

There is no denying that employment is essential to maintain health and wellbeing. With the goal of creating healthier communities in Houston and beyond, the Teen Health Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine has launched a job-training program for teens and young adults.

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Community STEM+M Learning

Center expansion promotes STEM+M education for all

Through generous donor support, Baylor College of Medicine has expanded the activities of the Center for Educational Outreach led by Dr. Nancy Moreno, Ph.D. The Center provides in-person and web-based education and resources for teachers, students and the public to improve science, teaching and learning through STEM+M education for all students, especially underrepresented minority students in the medical field.

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Charles Hall
Why I Give

“The M. D. Anderson Foundation was instrumental in Baylor College of Medicine’s move some 70+ years ago from Dallas to Houston and into the Texas Medical Center. It has long supported Baylor as one of the country’s leading medical schools. The Foundation’s current support acknowledges the continuing excellence of Baylor and its continuing contributions to medical science and progress.”

Charles Hall, M.D. Anderson Foundation