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Investing in medical education and the future

When John and Lottie Mabee formed the J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc., in 1948, they drew upon their hard-earned experience of transforming hard work into long-term gains. The husband-and-wife team had always known the value of a dollar, starting as farmers and general entrepreneurs before amassing an impressive and diverse business empire through shrewd and innovative investments.  

They also understood the value of generosity and enriching the lives of others, something they sought to preserve with the Mabee Foundation, which recently made a $3 million gift to establish the J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc., Endowed Scholarship at Baylor College of Medicine. The stunning gift celebrates the Foundation’s 75th anniversary and its partnership with Baylor.  

The endowed scholarship will distribute a minimum of $30,000 annually to benefit up to 10 students in the School of Medicine who demonstrate the characteristics of John and Lottie Mabee – strong work ethic, volunteerism, generosity, integrity, honesty, humility and charity. 

“These scholarship recipients will become tomorrow’s leaders in their chosen field. With this support, we hope they will be able to fully pursue their interests and engage in the wealth of educational opportunities Baylor has to offer,” said Michael Goeke, executive director of the Mabee Foundation. 

For the Mabee Foundation’s 75th anniversary, it ventured outside of the Foundation’s usual focus on capital support by awarding former capital grant recipients with special grants, like this scholarship gift, designed to help in different ways. 

“In the case of Baylor, the Mabee Foundation Trustees desired to help ensure that the most promising, aspiring medical students had access to the comprehensive education and innovative training being provided by the College,” Mr. Goeke said. “In this way, the Trustees saw these special grants as helping to fill the buildings they may have previously helped build. It is our hope that, through these scholarships, students will gain the tools to benefit society and to live fulfilling lives both professionally and personally, but that students will also be equipped to lead lives that, following Mr. and Mrs. Mabee’s examples, create legacies of honor, integrity and generosity that last far beyond their time on this earth.” 

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