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Resident Appreciation Day

Attendees at Baylor’s recent Resident Appreciation Day event

Baylor event recognizes residents and fellows for their integral role on healthcare team 

Over 400 residents and fellows gathered Feb. 23 at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and Ben Taub Hospital for Resident Appreciation Day – a national day of recognition to collectively show gratitude for resident physicians and fellows and how integral they are to the healthcare team. In partnership with Harris Health, Baylor College of Medicine treated residents and fellows to brunch and distributed Baylor swag.

“It’s nice to take a breather from work and grab brunch, since we usually miss breakfast and/or lunch due to clinical duties,” said Matthew McGlennon, M.D., a Baylor fellow.

A big thank you to Baylor’s Graduate Medical Education Resident Council for organizing this annual event. The Council, established in 2007, aims to increase the quality of life for residents at the various hospitals within the Texas Medical Center.