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Alumni Spotlight

Mark Sutton, M.D., Res. ’98

Dr. Mark Sutton reflects on his residency at Baylor

What inspired you to specialize in urology?

I was inspired to pursue a urology career by the physicians I met at the University of Washington. The urologists there were incredibly skillful, yet happy and very satisfied with their lives. The satisfaction with the professional life choice they revealed to me, and the happy and gratified patients they treated, drew me to the urology field. Additionally, the incredibly intricate surgeries with cutting-edge technology made the choice to pursue a urology career very appealing.

What made your time as a trainee memorable?

My most memorable moments were the time I spent with my fellow residents and the times we spent supporting each other as we completed 115-120 hour/week work assignments. That said, the most memorable case was a penile amputation at Ben Taub Hospital that was treated successfully while having little staff coverage, allowing us residents the opportunity to perform a rare and complex surgery independently.

What would you tell a medical student interested in pursuing a career in urology?

I would relay to a medical student interested in urology that it is worth it. I cannot imagine doing any other field within medicine. Obtaining a training position is competitive, so I recommend finding an interested mentor who will help guide you in ensuring you present a competitive and appealing application.

What are your thoughts on the future of urology?

I believe the future of urology is bright. It is a field with a wonderful mix of office-based coverage, outpatient procedures and detailed minimally invasive major surgeries. Add on that, the population is living longer and is requesting urologic care; the need for well-trained and enthusiastic urologists is paramount.