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Alumni Spotlight

Jaime Tschen, M.D. ’82, in his lab 

Dr. Jaime Tschen: From Guatemala to Baylor, thriving in pathology and dermatology 

Jaime Tschen, M.D. ’82, completed medical school at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. After six months in internal medicine, he joined Baylor College of Medicine for anatomic pathology and dermatopathology. His mentor in Guatemala connected him with Robert Freeman, M.D., a renowned dermatopathologist at Baylor. Although Dr. Freeman had left for Dallas by the time Dr. Tschen arrived in Houston, he secured a dermatology residency at Baylor. 

Baylor provided Dr. Tschen with exceptional opportunities. The faculty in Pathology and Dermatology were outstanding and dedicated, exceeding his expectations. He is particularly grateful to three faculty members: Harlan Spjut, M.D., who offered invaluable guidance; Malcolm McGavran, M.D., a demanding pathologist who prepared him well; and John Knox, M.D., a practical dermatologist deeply committed to the field. 

Dr. Tschen’s greatest professional accomplishment is his enjoyment of dermatology and dermatopathology. He considers it a gift to love his daily work. He feels immensely grateful for his career at Baylor, where he found a community of exceptional physicians who have significantly advanced the specialty and are recognized as unique. 

Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Tschen is thankful for the mentorship, opportunities and experiences that shaped his career. Baylor College of Medicine has been more than just an institution; it has been a place where he found his calling and a supportive community that inspired him every step of the way.