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Class of ‘74 Spotlight

Baylor College of Medicine Class of ‘74 

Reconnecting and reflecting after 50 years 

In the months leading up to the 50th Golden Reunion of Baylor College of Medicine’s Class of ‘74, Sarah D’Autremont, M.D., Timothy Flynn, M.D., Andrew Kumpuris, M.D., Dan Libby, M.D., Garrett Lynch, M.D., Ray Rhodes, M.D., John Telles, M.D., Nancy Webb, M.D., and James Young, M.D., collaborated to ensure their 50th was one to remember. Their efforts were not wasted, over 25 classmates gathered from far and wide to reunite and reconnect.  

Reflecting on the milestone, Dr. Lynch said: “The Baylor Class of ‘74 was the first and only class to have a five-year reunion. It was held in 1979, and we had a great turnout. At the all-class dinner during that reunion, the Class of ‘29 was honored for their 50th. Members of our class commented that we hoped to be at our 50th one day, but we could not imagine being that old! It seems like in a blink of the eye, we are at our 50th reunion, with 25 of our classmates standing up and all looking like they are still 25. We all agree that our 50th was a great success, and we are all proud to be graduates of Baylor. We also felt that Dr. Ken Mattox looked and acted amazing for someone at their 60th Reunion!” 

Nicholas A. Davenport, M.D., echoed the sentiment, stating this was the best reunion they have had. Reconnecting with old friends, the Class of ‘74 exchanged stories of triumphs and challenges, reminiscing over their many fond memories of the dedicated staff and faculty who introduced the class to the world of medicine and its many obligations and rewards. 

Judith Craven, M.D., reflected on the Class of ‘74’s unconventional spirit – its members driven by innovation and a commitment to service.  

“We had such an innovative and non-traditional class in some respects – very creative and committed, and many of us went on to be so involved in the communities in which we came from and took that expertise back and really grew in so many areas,” she said. “So many leaders came out of our class in every aspect of community and medicine, and their contributions have been so significant.” 

This commitment to service and giving back played out through Reunion, as the Class of ‘74 rallied to support future generations of students by having the highest alumni class participation in Baylor’s student scholarship campaign this year, helping to raise more than $87,000.  

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