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Beyond Skin Deep 

Chris Rizk, M.D. ‘15, Res. ‘19, FAAD, and
Connie Wang, M.D. ’13, Res. ’17, FAAD 

Baylor alumni Drs. Rizk and Wang pledge $50,000 challenge to strengthen Baylor Dermatology’s future 

The satisfaction that comes from the practice of dermatology is more than skin deep for Baylor College of Medicine alumnus Christopher Rizk, M.D. ‘15, Res. ’19, FAAD. Inspired by the close-knit community and excellent training he and his wife Connie Wang, M.D. ‘13, Res. ‘17, FAAD, experienced at Baylor, Drs. Rizk and Wang have pledged a $50,000 challenge gift to strengthen Baylor Dermatology’s future.

“I felt drawn to dermatology as a med student,” Dr. Rizk said. “With its quick rhythms and the incredible variety of avenues to pursue, dermatology truly has something for everyone.”   

Baylor College of Medicine has built a significant reputation in dermatology through the pursuit of cutting-edge research, the provision of exceptional patient care and the education of generations of dermatologists. This reputation is part of what led Dr. Rizk to choose Baylor for his residency training. 

“I interviewed at many dermatology residencies,” Dr. Rizk said. “It was very clear that Baylor’s Dermatology Department not only offered world-class training, but more importantly, what stood out was its collegial, even familial atmosphere.” 

This experience inspired Dr. Rizk to give back and is why he and his wife, Connie Wang, M.D. ‘13, Res. ‘17, FAAD, recently pledged $50,000 to support the continued excellence and development of the Department. 

“My wife and I are honored for the opportunity to give back to a department and faculty that mentored, guided and taught us everything we know in the field of Dermatology,” he said. “We will never be able to thank them enough for their continued support and friendship.” 

By issuing the gift as a 1:1 matching challenge, Drs. Rizk and Wang hope to inspire additional alumni to give back to the institution that nurtured and supported their growth as physicians and as people. 

“I am still in close contact with many of the Baylor Dermatology attendings and they are superb physicians and even better people,” he said. “I owe them not only my career, but all the life lessons they taught me while I was a resident.”  

To give a gift supporting Baylor Dermatology as part of the 1:1 matching challenge, visit support.bcm.edu/dermatology.